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Our Mission is Simple...

"We always aim to please."

It is not our goal to please everyone all of the time. We are here to please one person at a time. If you are not pleased today, I am sorry today must not be your day. I sincerely hope tomorrow may be a brighter day for you. As for you critics... I do try to be politically correct. The problem is... what is... and who defines it. My choice of words might not always be perfect, but the fact remains... "We always aim to please." Who defines "Special", "Exceptional", or "Individuals with Disabilities".

Years ago I started doing weekly Karaoke and Dances open to all "Individuals with Disabilities". Someone didn't like that phrase so I made the change to "Special Persons" as a play off of "Special Olympics". Well, someone didn't like that either! So here it is for you critics that cannot look beyond the other phrases. We have all heard of and know about "Jerry's Kids".  The FINAL Change... "Flipper's Friend's"Guess what? Still... "We always aim to please."

I am proud to have been working with the local disabilities / disabled for over three years. It started with someone from "Exceptional Persons Incorporated" asking if I would consider doing Karaoke for them. I jumped at the chance. The cost was, three dollars per person on Tuesday nights Now on Wednesday nights) and open to "Exceptional Persons Incorporated" only. Support was great for a while we even added a weekly Friday night dance (Now the First Friday of the month, Omitting June July and August) that was open to all the disabled still only three dollars. Things went great for a while. Then I added FREE Pizza to try to boost falling attendance. Dan Deery's in Cedar Falls was nice enough to foot the bill for the pizza on more than one occasion. Most of the time I footed the bill myself as I did not want to bother them repeatedly. Thus leading to the cancellation of karaoke and over a thousand dollars in debt, and discontinuing the dances all but once a month. I still do these either the third or fourth Friday of the month, with the exceptions of June and July.

"Flipper's Friend's " has a web address of ABigStar.com. Plans are to have t-shirts available down the road if I can find sponsors for them. If you know of some potential sponsors have them give me a call at the number below.

Flipper @ (319)235-7469

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