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This is about rumors and gossip.
Get the facts. Please do not spread rumors
Kind of like you ask and I'll answer.

"Who are your biggest supporters?"
Supporter of the dances
Lutheran Services in Iowa
And Student Volunteers From Wartburg College
Supporter's of the Karaoke
Goodwill Industries Of Northeast Iowa, Inc
Comprehensive Systems

  • "Why do you hate the handicapped?"
    Please get it straight. I do not hate the handicapped. I do believe there is better choices of the word and or words. I prefer "Individuals with Disabilities" (as it states facts) or "Special People" (like Special Olympics) or better yet "Flipper's Friend's" (like Jerry's Kid's) an even better choice yet in my opinion is... ABigStar, but then again maybe I'm just partial.
         I do however hate using "H" word...  (The handicapped word that is.)
  • "Why do you do this karaoke and dance thing?"
    I do this because people "ALL PEOPLE" need something to do.
  • "Why did you start it?"
    I started because someone with EPI (Exceptional Persons Incorporated) asked me to do karaoke for the handicapped, I added the dances which I do once a month very soon after I began the karaoke.

  • "Why did you start karaoke then stop doing it?"
    Actually, I started a weekly karaoke show back up again open to everyone. The karaoke was originally canceled due to lack of support. EPI used to be my only supporter of my karaoke. In fact I kept it closed to EPI only attendance fell and I kept going deeper in debt as I really did not want to cancel it. The dances have always been open to all disabilities.

  • "Flipper what did you do to upset EPI?"
    If you find out please let me know! Actually, I will venture out on a limb and tell you what I believe it was in my opinion. (Read on I believe the next one answers that.)

  • "Why did you segregate them from the other karaoke singers?"
    Easy answer... It was for job security... not a segregation move.
         Do you still need more of an answer? Here it goes. I was hired to increase alcohol sales for a bar, and to entertain customers by allowing them to sing karaoke. Sounds like the typical karaoke bar right. In walks eight to twelve of "Flipper's Friend's" These eight to twelve people were not a problem, and were well accepted. As they grew in numbers I felt I was losing job security. In fact if I let it go I was sure to have a whole crew of pop and water drinking singers. As this group grew in numbers, my alcohol drinking regulars would walk in, do an about face, and leave, so this group dwindled in size. They left not because of "Flipper's Friend's", but the crowded, no place to sit reason. I know this because these regulars liked that group of "Flipper's Friend's", through their own admittance to me. I realized I was quickly working my way out of a job. Why would the bar continue to pay me for my services when alcohol sales are falling.
         "If you hired a band for a weekly dance in a bar, and I and my friends showed up every week drank pop and water, cause alcohol don't mix with my meds, and we filled your dance floor how many weeks would you pay the band so we could keep on dancing. My guess is you would not pay for many more dances. You might even offer me a chance to rent you your dance hall for my own dances."

  • That's about what I did. What seemed logical to me was to make both groups happy and have a show for each group. Thanks to Bruce Strom for allowing me to cater to my friends, and utilize the Maple Lanes Imperial Lounge.
  • "Why did you quit doing the dances?"
    I never quit doing the dances. I was forced to cut back to once a month due to lack of support. My dances have always fallen on the third or the fourth Friday of the month. with the exception of no dances in July and August due to heat, and plenty of other fun activities for my "Special Friends" to do.

  • "Why do you have a problem with the handicapped?"
    Fact is I don't. I love working with these individuals. These are an awesome bunch of individuals. A lot of these people I know by name.

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