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Who Are We?

We are "A Good Time" Entertainment, a Disc Jockey service. Just as IowasIdol.com is our Karaoke Service. You can reach us at (319)ADJ-Show that's (319)235-7469

ABigStar.com or FlippersFriends.com will take you to the same place. ABigStar.com was born as a way of communication for my "Special Events". Having worked with these "Special people" for over three years, these people grow on you. They take the best of what they are given and pave a way for themselves. They are very patient, compassionate and understanding people. They have a heart of gold.

If only everyone could see what I see. With ABigStar.com maybe someday they will.

"A Good Time" Entertainment saw a need, a way to fill a void and filled it, without it we would have a void needing to be filled.

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Call Flipper @ (319)235-7469

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